This is not an opinion piece. This is an observation. The judgments, contemplations, and passions that may arise for you, whether in agreeance with the subjects or in opposition, are neither right nor wrong. This is a story about devotion. Devotion to a cause that may not be complimentary with the current common commentary.
You may already have ideas of the story that the subjects are attempting to tell. Bring your ideas. The only rule is that you submit them with an open mind because to hear the other side of the narrative may feel strange, it may feel dangerous or taboo. In the reverse, for some, it may come as a relief. Whatever your case may be, come. Observe. Digest. Decide.
This is the story of those who choose not to conform.

April 16, 2021

I followed Marc Horn and Glyn Prendergast to Merseyside Police Station on Admiral Street where Marc served a caution to two constables for ‘unlawfully breaching the people’s peace’- LIVERPOOL, England.
The 17-page document states the requirement for the police to support, with peer reviewed science and links to source publications, their claimed right that masking, social distancing, isolation, lockdowns, testing and vaccinations show both the risks as a % benefit and harm, and show the consequences of intervention including but not limited to: reduced risk of ‘infection’, physical harm of intervention, psychological harm of intervention, economic harm of intervention.
The papers also read the requirement of the police to lawfully cease their believed enforcement rights and desist further enforcement rights until the dispute is settled. The police have 14 days to review the document, and/or seek any other advice, then either settle or rebuttal.

April 24, 2021

May 15, 2021