On the 14th of July 2022, Scouse Flowerhouse with Friends of Everton Park and local community members harvested 3kg of Cowslip seeds from the wildflower meadow in Everton Park.  
The meadow was deemed a wildflower flagship by Kew Gardens. Perhaps unsurprisingly, as the landscape serves as a home, buffet and beauty to many, including corn cockles, caterpillars, bees, the humans who live in and visit the area, and all other kinds of wildlife.
Collecting cowslip seeds has been crucial for rewilding, as this early spring flower has exponentially declined in population. This can be said of the meadows, ancient woodlands and hedgerows – the cowslips natural habitat. For this reason, the collected seeds from Everton Park’s meadow were later spread across the city of Liverpool.
Friends of Everton Park