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“Freedom for me is seeing everybody happy, seeing people smiling. Joy. Freedom is the happiness of the heart. Happiness of the mind is freedom. Once you have those two, everything is joyful, isn’t it?”

“Freedom means being respected. Being respectful. Being allowed. Determining myself what I want to do, when I want to do it, out of my own freewill and choice. That’s freedom to me. Doing what I think is right and not listening to people telling me what to do. I believe the Universe is guiding me and even if it’s difficult sometimes, it might not be what I expected, it always turns out alright and I know we’re going to win this. I know. I believe we are creators. We only have to create good things for everybody, not just for a few. You have controlled us, it’s time to recognise that we are in charge of ourselves and humanity. Care and compassion, not vaccination and masks. Completely the wrong concept. Anyhow! Yes, we are creators. Every thought counts. Thoughts create. Attract what you want to see. How amazing the variety of views here. I think they are all valid and they are all the same vibe- which is the vibe of freedom. We have our own timelines. Stay on the one you want to be on. Don’t waste your time anymore- I mean it’s too late now. The truth has to be learned, not told. You have to learn these things. Nobody is going to present your truth because then you’re just believing somebody else. So, trust your gut. Some people must have an awful gut, but anyway. Trust your gut. What’s right and what’s wrong.”
“For me, freedom is the ability to be in public and express myself with no boundaries. So that comes from the inside, it doesn’t matter the situation on the outside, because even if the government puts restrictions on us, as long as we have the ability to express ourselves in a genuine, loving way, and not go to prison, that is freedom. For me, freedom, personally, is being able to go outside and have a dance in public and not feel self-conscious about how other people are feeling about me. There have been times in my life when even though I had that freedom I wasn’t using it because I was limiting myself in my mind. So, I feel freedom is also a state and an option. A choice. Even though we might have external freedom, it’s the internal freedom that, for me, is the most important.”
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“When it comes to me, freedom is free will. Free will to choose whatever you want. I think we are all free. We are all free to choose what we like. Or what we think is right for us. So freedom… but to me… well, it’s the choice to… I don’t actually know. I don’t actually know what freedom is. But, I mean, I know that God or love has given us the freedom to express ourselves however we feel like it at that time.”
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“Your parents tell you things and you go, “why?” “why?” “why?”. I used to drive them up the wall because I’d always question things. They’d tell me lots of different things. My dad would say certain things and I’d go, “I don’t agree with that.” From the age of about ten until about twenty, my dad was a commercial airline pilot and we lived in different countries. I lived in India. I lived in Arabia. Lived in Borneo. I used to hear adults talking about being, you know, being quite racist. I said to my dad, “I don’t agree with what you’re saying” because one of my best friends was an African guy. And to me it was just who he was. I used to get really annoyed hearing my dad being racist. Here’s the weird thing: there were other pilots who were from different cultures and they were great friends. But he’d still have a racial attitude. It just didn’t make sense. I think it’s like just following the crowd. Do you know what I mean? And I never followed the crowd. I was always a loner. I went to a school with people from all different cultures. And to me we were just people. I just see people as people.
My awakening journey has taken me here, as I am now. Standing here talking to you. I’d always wanted to know things. It’s really weird because I’d put out certain questions to the Universe and then somehow answers would come. Even before the days of the internet. Various bits of information would come to light. It’s a little bit like you might get a couple of bits of information that you really resonate with. You kind of feel it in you. It’s like a knowing. Then you go “okay”, that bit of information coupled with that bit of information has implications. So using my imagination I would imagine what other possible implications these two bits of information might reveal. And then later on I will find out that, oh yeah, that’s happening as well and that’s happening as well. Bit by bit by bit you accumulate your own sort of understanding and knowledge. So that’s kind of how my journey has always been. But one thing that struck me when I was very young was ‘how do we know what truth is?’. People talk about how they want to know ‘truth’. How do we actually know what truth is? I pondered this and I thought that the only way we can know what truth is is to live our life in truth. In truthful. Then you vibrate in the frequency of truth. So, when someone comes along and tells you something it’s either going to resonate with you or it’s going to jar. And that’s my gauge on how I discern information. It’s either going to ring true with me or it’s not, but that requires that I have to stay in my truth. And, of course, the biggest challenge to us all is being true to ourselves.
Misinformation is completely false information. Disinformation carries truth that has been twisted. And that why its so challenging at the moment because you’ll hear certain information that has truth in it which you’ll resonate with but it’s got a distortion so it requires you to be even more alert and really using you discernment to really put it to the test. I take the information and I let it roll around and I ponder. If it’s something that I’m not sure of, I put it to one side until some more clarity comes to it. I don’t proclaim something unless it really resonates inside of me. And that’s not to say that I haven’t been fooled. There’s been certain people in the alternative media that seem really genuine but as time went on, suddenly you go ‘hold on a minute, that doesn’t seem quite right to me. I better step back a bit.”
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“That’s a really tough question. Freedom means to me: to be. That’s it really. To be. Not created a victim. That’s it. You just live your life. You be who you are. You don’t be a victim. It has got nothing to do with anybody else what you do. You just be. You be yourself.
I don’t think you know when you’ve achieved it. I think time will tell and in the end when you have got them questions, it will prevail. I think people try to chase these answers too much and we have to put them to one side. Just be. Me and a friend, we actually believe we found the meaning of life in Turkey, a couple of years ago. In Istanbul, we cycled from Istanbul to Thessaloniki in Greece. The meaning of life is this. This. Not necessarily this as in the physical or the mental or the emotional or the feeling. Just this. Think about the word ‘this’ and what it means and where it comes from. And I think that is the meaning of life. This. That’s my idea of it.”
“Let me think. Freedom is living a life with no barriers to who you are. It means everything [to me]. Freedom is a right. Freedom is being able to express yourself in the way that you want and it’s so important. It’s one of our rights, like food and shelter. We have, I have a lot of food when compared to what I imagine if my parents did not immigrate. My dad’s Iraqi my mum’s Syrian and Algerian and so it’s all Arab and North African, I would have definitely been there, in the middle of unrest, probably. Or in an Arabic state like Dubai where my cousins are, but still not able to express and have freedom like I have here. That’s what I think about. That’s why I think it should be a right. True freedom. You know, just like not being able to be who I am sexually, like sexuality-wise, and its masculinity as well. You have to be masculine there, otherwise it’s scary. It’s not just bullying, it’s your life. I would fear not being masculine enough for society there since it’s life-threatening so I’m really grateful for the freedom I have in my life”
“I think joy for me is the little things. I think joy lies in gratitude. It’s like looking around and thinking ‘what am I grateful for?’ I think joy is finding those little pockets of love. I even think that this moment is joy- just me and you just walking, chatting together, I think that in itself is so beautiful. And I think joy is abundance, knowing you have enough. There’s a phrase and a quote that I really like: ‘the only real needs in life are food, shelter and companionship and everything else is a bonus.’ I think if you have those things then joy can be found. I don’t think it always is because sometimes life can be hard and sometimes there are external circumstances that everyone has to face and that’s just a part of life, but that is sometimes what can make it beautiful. But I think joy, then, can be found because we look for it in a friend’s smile or in a hug from our loved one, or a meal we shared with someone. Or something that inspired us, or just looking at how beautiful the sky is, that is what joy is for me. I also think that nature is joy, because every time I’m in nature I’m joyous! I think birdsong is joyous as well.
I think if there’s one lesson I could give to people, it would be to see things from a bird’s eye perspective sometimes. When I look back at all the times when I have worried or had anxiety, or gotten really in my head and been overthinking, all those moments really didn’t matter because time just goes so fast and in the bigger picture of reality all those little moments really didn’t matter. Like we were talking about before, on the steps, in meditation when you come outside of yourself and you see yourself from a bird’s eye view and the bigger picture, I think that is one of the biggest and most helpful things ever because I feel like that’s a tool for empathy because we share this world with so many people and we’re all part of this big community and we all live on the planet together, you know, so all the things we worry about really aren’t important. To change the narrative from an ‘I’ frame of mind to a ‘we’, and in those moments when you realise ‘shit, I’m caught up in my own head’, to just take a breath and then try to zoom out. It’s not always easy, it takes practice, but I think that is what I would share. Imagine you’re sat in space looking down at yourself on the Earth as a dot but also how beautiful that dot is and how important it is. I love thinking about the ocean and how each person is a wave in the ocean but each wave has to come together to make the ocean. It’s like each of us are individual dots but we’re all necessary and we’re all important.
On a personal level, freedom is movement. That’s why I love stuff like roller skating and I used to love salsa . I feel most free when I’m moving because I’m not in my mind or in my thoughts, I’m just being. But, I think that we’re not free until we’re all free.”
Roy Freedom Portrait
“What does freedom mean to me? That’s a big, big question, to be honest with you. In my mind, it’s a release. I’d say it’s a release of me as a human being. Because now that I see a bigger picture of things, in the way, these last couple of years especially have shown me that it’s an entrapment. I mean, I’ve known this for a long time myself because when my kids were born I argued with my wife, basically, in part, to not get our kids registered with a birth certificate. So, I’ve been aware for a very long time. I’ve been aware of that entrapment. However, I realise now that freedom is more than just physical. We’re in a spiritual battle at the moment. Although its a quiet war, we’re in a spiritual battle and so we’re actually now fighting for our freedom and I think it’s going to be releasing… and this is why I say release…. releasing the beauty that actually is within every man and woman, if they choose it. So, freedom is a choice.
When it’s over within me, I know it’s over. And I think that other people are starting to wake up to that aspect. Where they can make their choice and it’s over for them. It always starts within, from my perspective. So, to me, that is what is causing it to be over, because every individual, which is actually unified through consciousness, spiritual or whatever way people want to express it, that is the choice that people are now making and they’re realising that they can make a choice; hence there’s all this going on. I think this has been that tipping point that humanity has been needing and wanting for a really long time. And now we’ve reached it. The energy has reached a certain point, mental, physical, emotional energy, and spiritual energy has reached a point where it’s now at that tipping point because it’s starting within us.
Like I said to you earlier on, about how when I was walking down the road, I’d just got that wave of change that’s in the atmosphere, straight away. I didn’t know how far away I was from everyone, and that atmosphere that I felt, and then having that synchronicity, because for me there’s a lot of synchronicities going on in my personal life at the moment that are just beyond me. I think [synchronicity] is that unifying force. Personally, I’d say it’s that unifying force that unites us in every way. If you look at people like Jungen and things like that they talked about the global consciousness and we all being one. And we are. We are one with source, God, whatever people want to call it.”