Marc: “I’ll pick Liaison Officers to talk law with because the Liaison Officer reports back to the Commander. He reports to the top guy and he says ‘This guy called Marc Horn, he knows his shit and we need to be very very careful what we do’.
Marc: “We were honest with them, and we followed it through. And that’s it. It’s absolutely brilliant. And this is why I say it’s so important we engage with the police. None of this silence, shut up, don’t tell them anything. That there is confrontation. We don’t want that. They know what we stand for. Talk to the police. I don’t give a shit if people think I’m infiltrating because I’m the one that’s creating the change.”
Police officers in van
Marc:” What you saw when I was filming, very slow, very deliberate, very exaggerated, including walking slowly filming the badge numbers through the windows. Whether it’s actually visible on the camera or not, I don’t know, it doesn’t matter. Again, what have I done? I’ve got you my friend, I know who you are.
“So, each of these little things removes their power. It reduces their ability to abuse their position of power. And on a number of occasions I expressed to them that ‘following orders is not lawful excuse’, so they know that I am absolutely aware of all of this shit. They absolutely agreed with me. There was no criticism.”
Marc Horn speaking to Liaison officer
Marc: “I turned around to the Liaison Officer, ‘If there’s going to be trouble it’s going to be right at the end when the crowds have dissipated’. ‘Why do you think that?’ ‘That’s exactly the tactics that the police have used in the past,’ And he said to me, ‘No, it won’t be.’ So, I said, ‘Thank you very much.’
“So they know.”
red hatted police inspector
Marc: “The biggest thug was that red hatted officer after we came by the square. He turned and he said to me, ‘Oh, you’re one of those free men of the land’. ‘Idiots’, sort of thing. I said, ‘Actually, not. I’m here under exactly the same powers and authorities as you are, the Justice of Peace Act 1361, which gives you authority and I have equal authority.’ ‘Oh, you mean the Queen’s peace?’ ‘No, if you read the Act, it’s very clear. It’s every single person’s peace. Yours and mine. We’re all equal under the law, nobody is above the law.’
“And that was it, he’d lost it. Absolutely lost it. Not only did he lose it, he lost it to his senior officer, ie the highest person that he orders around. He lost the respect of his number one thug. When the guy started about it, I first had to correct him that it’s all the people’s peace and that we both derive the same authority from the same Act and reinforced that we’re all equal under the law. But because he turned around and challenged me and thought he was such a clever ass, by saying ‘oh, you’re talking about the Queen’s peace’, already I’ve humiliated him about free man of the land bullshit, and then the second time I humiliated him in front of his juniors, ‘no it’s not the Queen’s peace, it’s all about peace’. His second in command saw this, and the second in command now will question everything from that guy and he’s lost respect for his boss.
“So, this is why I say that there’s no standard script, you’ve got to play each one out how it comes, how it gets laid out. So, I think it’s been a tremendous day. And this guy has confirmed to me that there’s been zero violence. I wish I had that on record.”