“This is just the beginning”, Dad said.
MWALULA is a documentation of Mwalula Green-Life Farm, a permaculture project located in the Copperbelt Province of Zambia. The project was produced while I visited my father’s, Chileshe, home country after 23 years of separation. Despite the difference in location and culture, both of us reconnected on our similar interests in farming, conservation, and community building. The farm is run by Dad and I help to direct.
This exhibition was displayed at Open Eye Gallery as part of their LOOK Climate Photo Biennial 2022. You can view a virtual reality version here.
At the same time as the gallery, Open Eye Gallery curated an exhibition of MWALULA in four public, food-growing settings in Liverpool – Faiths4Change, Hope Community Garden, Friends of Everton Park Community Garden and John Archer Hall.
Later, the exhibition was moved to the Capoeira For All studio where they felt very at home, being a space in the city where African art and culture are honoured.
At the beginning of 2023, I was invited to reexhibit at Unity Theatre as part of another Arts Council Funded project that I was launching called ‘Queer Ecology: Silent Spring’; and then at the end of the year, MWALULA was up at Smithdown Socials Arts Hub as part of Blackfest’s programme.
This project was supported using public funding by Arts Council England and match funded by Open Eye Gallery.
women seperating ground nuts and man in background cutting grass. zambia
man harvested peanuts
corn plants in zambia
farm hours being built in zambia
water hole in zambia
builder cutting timber in zambia
giant avocado tree in zambia
woman facing ant hill
tomatoes in zambia
market seed shop in zambia
MWALULA farmer, chilshe mukwikile., wheelbarrowing at plant-farm in zambia
women seperating ground nuts from plant in zambia
okra plant in zambia
corn fields in zambia
man looking outside at the last rains in zambia
man building house in zambia
men using soil from the land for building
man on farm in zambia
pond with red dragon fly in zambia
man selling watermelon at market in zambia
farmer in zambia stood by cassava and banana plants
men preparing the land in zambia
man propagating bananas in zambia
man harvesting bambara nuts in zambia
man building house in zambia
farm shed in zambia
pond with lilies in zambia
man pointing at babby tree in zambia
men selling tomatoes at market in zambia
avocado seeds in zambia
woman selling household objects made from grass and wood in zambia
mixture of organic and wild fruits in zambia