In this particular article, I have accumulated and exhibited photographs that were taken during displays of activism via public protests, being a favoured and growing expression of civil, and at times uncivil, resistance or disobedience. In 2019, such displays were active all over the globe. From Hong Kong, South Africa, Indonesia, the Netherlands to France- these mentioned countries only being a few of many handfuls. Lest we forget, which is highly unlikely, the global-scale climate strikes that endure.
Within the images, you will see some protests that were developed in specific countries, yet are supported here in the North West of England- showcasing the symbiotic relationships between the people of varying nations. You will also perceive the feelings of divide between citizens and their government. These feelings are not vague, but rather overtly publicised. Common states during the protests were anger, sadness and disappointment, yet a reoccurring feeling and energy was, and still is, unity. The uniting of individual activists, political organisations, and even supportive passers-by.
Man with walking stick stood in the middle of a road holding a two picket signs, one of which dislays Labour Animals Welfare Society logo
Climate change emergency poster on the ground
Woman stood amongst other climate change protesters holding a picket sign that reads 'system change not climate change'
man holding an amnesty poster that read 'our planet our rights'
Crowd of climate change protesters in front of St George's hall in Liverpool
Climate change protesters hold a large banner with the word 'strike!' written boldly onto it
Socialist party posters hung on a table at climate change protest
people marching through Liverpool with picket signs at climate change protest
people marching through Liverpool with picket signs at climate change protest
Hong Kong protesters form a group circle with flags of varying nations in solidarity
Protester holding a poster that read 'free Hong Kong'
Person at Hong Kong protest holding a picket sign that read 'stop police brutality' with an illustration of an injured woman
Man and woman have attached cloth on their backs that read 'fight for freedom' and 'stand with Hong Kong'. Man holds his fist up in solidarity.
Four protesters hold posters up with timelines of different police brutality occurences in Hong Kong
Chile protester with a cardboard poster
Woman at sexual violence protest holding a cardboard poster that reads 'real men do not rape and we love them'
Table at Anti-tory rave that reads 'Imperialist hands off Iran! No to war' and 'Britain out of Bahrain! Hands off Yemen!'